Favorite Heat Protection Products


Using a good heat protectant is so important especially if you are are using hot tools on a regular basis. But there are a ton of heat protection products out there and it can be challenging trying to find the best ones. How do you know which ones are best for your hair? Here are my top 3 favorites.


This product is the lightest heat protector out there. You apply it on wet hair so it protects against blow dryer heat as well as flat iron heat. You could also use a flat iron spray with this product for extra heat protection if you wanted.When I was in hair school, the instructor sprayed this on our hands, then blew hot air from the blow dryer on it and the air felt cool! Pretty neat, huh? This product is amazing!


Hot Off The Press is a thermal protection hairspray and it is super lightweight. I would compare it to spray starch but for your hair! It has been listed as a favorite product in fashion and beauty magazines over and over again. My favorite aspect of this product is how light it is. Writing about this product makes me think of  a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Chris Farley in which he talks about “this exciting new hairspray called Exciting New Hairspray.” It is so stinkin’ funny! Anyways, Hot Off The Press is “exciting” because of the benefits it provides. If you haven’t seen that SNL skit you can watch it HERE.


Firewall is what I use currently. It is a little bit heavier than Heat Seal and Hot Off the Press but it is still super lightweight. Unlike other heat protection products, AG has argan oil in it which smooths the hair and goes in the hair shaft to moisturize and build up the hair. This is a great product for those who have thick, coarse, and unruly hair or for extra shine without a heavy buildup of product. You can buy this product at

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    […] Heat can do a number on our hair. Protecting hair with the proper products can really help it stay strong and healthy. A lot of people think that Heat Protectors leave the hair feeling oily and heavy. I have found some really great heat protectors that work great and feel light on the hair. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY 3 FAVORITE HEAT PROTECTION PRODUCTS. […]

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    Have you tried the karmin Spray Heat Protector? ^-^

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      No, I have not. Do you like it?

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