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5 Reasons to Shop Thrift Stores


I first started shopping in thrift stores in high school; I can recall a beautiful blue vintage sweater that I bought and it had a few other bright colors in it; I would wear it with some bright pink heels. I really loved that sweater. I know so many people wanted to blend in in high school but I really wanted to stand out and I tried to stand out through my style. I liked buying things in thrifts stores; I knew that no one would have what I had and I loved that I could be original and individual. That is something that I still love about shopping in thrift stores. Not all my clothes are from thrift stores, in fact most of them were bought new. It’s true that even I cannot deny that special wonder of something new but there are so many benefits to shopping second hand so I have decided to make it more of a priority to shop used more and buy less new things. I feel like not a lot of people realize all the benefits of shopping thrift stores so I decided to write this post. Here are 5 reasons everyone should shop thrift stores:

5 reasons to shop thrift stores 1

1. Save Money

This is the number one reason to shop in a thrift store. I think this reason is sort of obvious and it is the biggest reason I shop in thrift stores. Since my husband is in law school and we have two kids, we try to be a little more conscious of how we spend our blow money (blow money is money you ‘blow’ on whatever you want). You can buy quality items for so much less than you would buy them new. To give you an idea of how much money you can save check out my FASHION page.

2. Be Unique

You will find pieces at thrift stores that very few people have. When I say very few people I mean very few people in the world so you can put a unique spin on your wardrobe, stand out, and make your statement. Standing out is a good thing, whether it be to land that dream job, gain more followers on Instagram, or make new friends. Not everything in the thrift store will fit your style but the great thing about thrift stores is that every kind of person donates to them and you will be sure to find pieces that you love and fit your style.

3. Environment

I am not as conscious as I probably should be about the environment but I know when I shop second hand I am keeping the world cleaner by reusing items and keeping them out of a landfill. It also takes less energy to reuse an old item than it does to create a new one.

4. Human Rights

I also have a hard time being fully aware of where our clothes come from and who makes them. Not all clothing comes from factories with safe and fair working conditions. Buying products that were made unethically in some way shows that you support that. But because so few of us are exposed to this or see the process of making the clothes it is hard to understand or wrap our minds around it. We just see the end result and think we have to have ‘it’. By buying second hand you don’t have to worry whether or not you are supporting a company whose goods are unethically obtained.

5. The Thrill of the Hunt

You never know what treasures you’ll find. You can find high end clothing lines at prices anyone can afford. People give away nice clothes simply because they bought something they didn’t end up liking or bought something they thought would fit them eventually. Some people have a disposable income (or think they do) and buy so many clothes that they are constantly getting rid of good clothes because they don’t have room. So trust me there will be good stuff and it can be so fun trying to find nice pieces for cheap!

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    Love this post! These are 5 great reasons to embrace shopping at thrift stores.

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