6 Easy Ways to Feel Beautiful


My husband has a little saying that I love and it goes, “Look good, feel good, do good.” Meaning if you look good you will feel good and if you feel good you will do good.   How important it is that we do some good in the world and in my opinion it begins with looking good or at least feeling like you look good. I wrote this post for the average stay-at-home mom or the ladies who work from home but it really can apply to anybody who feels as though they are in a rut; whether that rut be a new haircut you hate or any big change in your life. We can all agree that it is important to feel beautiful but that it is not always easy to get that well deserved self love so I am going to share my tips that help me feel wonderful and beautiful that don’t require a ton of effort.

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When I am at home with my kids, jewelry can seem kind of pointless. In fact, it seriously just gets in the way. My kids see it and grab it or if I am cuddling with them or I am chasing after them (50% of my day is spent chasing them) it ends up scratching them or getting pulled on and broken. So most days I don’t wear much jewelry. I love wearing lots of accessories but it’s just not practical for me so I compromise and wear earrings. I am always wearing earrings. Putting on earrings is an easy and no fuss way for me to instantly feel more feminine. I mostly wear stud earrings but I am always amazed at how much better I look with a little bling on my ears.


Your face is the first thing people notice. I don’t want a tired, run-down mama to be the first thing people notice when they look at me, which is how I feel way too often. I want to look alive and awake. Makeup is just the thing that can do that. My essential makeup products that I recommend for no fuss, on-the-go mamas are mineral powder or bb cream, blush, mascara, and lip gloss or lipstick. I usually wear bb cream, little bit of concealer, blush, one eye shadow color, mascara, lipstick or gloss, and eyebrow liner (I love thick bold brows!) Nice thick eyebrows are an easy way to add finishing touches to your makeup routine. It also frames your face and makes you look more awake. Spending a little extra time on your appearance is probably the easiest way to feel pretty. I usually put precedence over my makeup vs my hair because messy hair is in and it’s easy for me to pull of messy hair when the rest of me is put together.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I love this quote by Rold Dahl because I find it to be so true. I feel there is not much more I can say about it because it was already said so perfectly. I can tell you to do whatever you need to do to be positive! For me, on days when I feel ugly and worthless, I like to listen to music and write a list of things I would like to accomplish that day. Completing even just a small task always has a way of brightening my day and making me feel a little more positive.

Eat a healthy meal

I am not as healthy as I would like to be but if I am ever feeling down about myself nothing makes me feel worse than eating junk food. I always think it will make me feel better and then it doesn’t. Feeling beautiful, true beauty beautiful, starts on the inside. If you are taking care of your body, you will feel good. It’s that simple. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are an apple with peanut butter, chips with salsa, and a chocolate protein shake. You can always get on PINTEREST too and find so many good ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Wear a skirt

Skirts are any easy way to feel like you put a little more effort into your wardrobe. Luckily there are so many options for skirts and you can dress them down or dress them up however you like. I just love a comfy maxi skirt with flip flops and a basic t shirt; super easy, comfy, and a great way to shake things up. To be fair, I am not saying it has to be a skirt but if you want to feel more beautiful wear something that makes you feel beautiful. If it’s yoga pants, slap on those yoga pants for heavens sakes and don’t give it a second thought. Ok, I am being a little sarcastic there because what I am really trying to say is put a little thought into your outfit and wear something flattering and feminine. I had a friend once who decided she was going to have a ‘Sexy Day’ one day a week in which she would wear an extra pretty outfit and wake up a little earlier to spend more time on her hair and makeup. I thought this was brilliant; we all need a ‘Sexy Day’, right?! And if you want everyday to be a ‘Sexy Day’, go for it!

Lotion body from head to toe

Maybe this one is something most people already do but I am here to admit that I don’t usually lotion my whole body. However, when I do put lotion on my skin, I feel pretty sexy! Whether it be pretty scented lotion or just a basic hydrator, putting on lotion can make your skin super soft and supple which can make you feel beautiful and fabulous! Lately, I have been loving the gradual tanning lotions which give me extra incentive (a nice, tan, glowing body) to put them on. Put some lotion on, I promise it will make you feel better!

As I was thinking about what to write for this post, I thought about a lot of obvious ones but I wasn’t sure how obvious they would be to other people so if these ideas seem like too much effort for you maybe just start out with a shower and shave your legs. If these tips seem too basic for you, I would love to hear what you like to do to get that extra oomph of beauty. Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you!

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