Augustus’s First Birthday


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We celebrated Augustus’s 1st birthday last week and I have to be honest it has not been the easiest year for us, the first few months he cried a lot and he has never slept good. He still wakes up 3 or 4 times a night so as most people are sad their kids are getting older, I am so happy we got through the first year. On the other hand, this kid has a smile that would melt your heart. He can be so smiley and he is super athletic like you would not believe! We had a fun little party for him and he loved every minute of it. Florabelle had fun too helping him eat cake and open presents! His theme was Peter Pan crocodiles which when I had the idea I thought it was super clever and easy because I already had some cute stuff that would go along with the theme but it ended up being really hard to find items for the birthday. I found this cute vintage Peter Pan image and had the words “Happy Birthday Augustus” printed on it. I found these cute crocodile toothpicks HERE on Etsy. Don’t you just love Etsy? And I was so excited that I made the cupcakes myself. The cupcakes baked horribly.  Seriously, don’t try baking at an elevation of 7,200 ft. They looked awful but the frosting turned out amazing! I just looked up some youtube tutorials on how to do fancy cupcake frosting and found it was really easy to do. The frosting looked and tasted great and disguised the horrible baking job. I used this frosting recipe HERE; it is so delicious!

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