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So a few weeks ago, I got to work with Rebecca from HIKE LIKE A WOMAN. First of all, I just want to say how inspiring and amazing Rebecca is and how much I love her but we are very different! Which is why I trust her when I want to go hiking with my kids in the wilderness! I am not a hiker in the least bit but my kids and I always have so much fun when we go hiking with Rebecca. This woman is so hard core! The collaboration that we worked on together was how to go from hiking on the trailhead to running errands/date night in town in 15 minutes. We wanted a quick transformation so we kept it very simple. I also wanted Rebecca to feel like herself still so I worked with stuff she had around her house. I broke up the transformation into tree steps:

tub of shoes

Accessories and Details

The first thing we did was add some accessories to Rebecca’s hiker ensemble. She was wearing a hat, boots, and hiking gear. I had her roll up her pants and jacket sleeves a little just to show a little more skin and give off some femininity. Next, we changed her shoes to a dressier pair and added a bracelet and scarf. Easy breezy, right? Here are some images I borrowed from Rebecca’s site to get an idea of what this process was like.

step 1


The next step for the 15 minute transformation was the hair. Rebecca had her hair pulled back in a tight braid. We actually played around with her hair quite a bit trying a few different hairstyles but the easiest and probably the most glam hairstyle was to simply pull out her braid and tousle her hair a bit. We threw a little hair spray or texturizing spray to get some volume giving Rebecca a sexy, languid, lived-in look. This is another image from Rebecca’s site of her hair transformation. I sort of wished her hair was a little more kinky from the braid to show you how to pull off kinky hair but her hair looked good so we can’t complain.

step 2


Rebecca was super scared for the makeup portion. She doesn’t wear makeup usually so she was not too excited. For me, I feel like makeup is the most crucial step in getting “dressed up”. Your face is the first thing people notice so you want it to leave a good impression. I assured Rebecca that we would keep it super simple. We only used 4 makeup products (remember we only have 15 minutes to get glamorous): foundation, blush, mascara, lip gloss. Foundation is important for evening out the skin tone. If you have beautiful skin, which few people do, you can skip the foundation and blush. For simple, non-makeup girls I recommend using bb cream or mineral powder as a foundation. These are both super lightweight giving a natural ‘no makeup’ look. The blush livens up your skin and can keep it from looking flat and dull. The mascara frames your eyes making them look bigger and lip gloss adds distinction to your lips.

Tip: The blush can also work as an eyeshadow when you are in a pinch! This is what we did with Rebecca.

makeupIf you want to hear Rebecca’s side of the experience CLICK HERE. This lady is seriously so awesome. I know you will love her as much as I do! I hope you enjoyed this post!



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