Christmas in July Fashion


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Sunglasses $6 – NU 2 U

Green beaded shirt $4 – NU 2 U

Burgundy plaid pencil skirt $4 – Deseret Industries

My favorite piece of my outfit is definitely my sunglasses: brown tortoise shell square frames. Square frames were made for my face shape I think. A few days after we took these pictures, one of my kids broke them! Ah! This is the story of my life though! My kids are so wild! The pencil skirt is so old that I honestly can’t remember when I got it. It might have been when I was in high school which was 9 years ago! Eeeek! I am getting old! I love this skirt though. The waist line is super stretchy and forgiving so I have been able to wear this skirt even when I have been pregnant. I love the way pencil skirts make me feel. They just look sharp, polished, and feminine. If you find a pencil skirt that fits well, they can be flattering, too. This top is super flattering as well. It is a light stretchy material that is perfect for summer. The green color matched my eyes quite well but it reminded me a little bit of Christmas. Hence the name of this post is Christmas in July!

My niece came to stay with me for a couple of weeks and she was so nice to watch my kids while these pictures were taken. I am excited because another one of my nieces is coming to help me out with my kiddos and it is so nice to have a few extra hands to help me out. I have so much planned for the rest of the summer including two family reunions, (I don’t know about you but I actually love family reunions), road trips, collaborations, youtube videos (have you seen my very first video? CLICK HERE to watch) and lots of more exciting things. I can’t wait to share all the stuff that is going on in coming months. Keep following. I have so much more for you! Thanks for reading.

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