Get Beautiful Ombre, Color Melt, and Ecaille Hair Color


I have seen a lot of ombre, color melts, and ecaille hair colors lately which makes me super happy because the trend of darker roots is something I am in love with and it’s safe to say that it is here to stay! Plus, this ARTICLE went viral saying that subtle ombre hair colors are the hottest hair trend for 2015. (If this is true 2015 is going to be a good year!) To me, all three of these color trends are in the same family, the techniques to get them can be different but it’s all the same idea so I will be referring to all the ombre hair color families in this post.

I like to think the trend of dark roots got it’s start from those natural beach babes who spent all summer in the sun, when winter came the sun bleached hair would grow out creating a beautiful subtle ombre hair color. Despite what you may believe, I don’t think the girl who was too poor to get back to the salon and had harsh lines of demarcation was the trendsetter. There are few things I hate more than a bad hair color.  To make sure you are not the one walking around with a bad hair job, here are three things to tell your stylist to get beautiful on-trend hair.

1. Work with your natural hair color and go lighter

I love ombres, color melts, and ecaille hair colors (or whatever you want to call ’em) because of how natural they can look and how low maintenance they are. I have seen a lot of people dye their roots darker than their natural and ombre from that point… This is a mess! Especially if you want to change it later on down the road or if you can’t make regular salon visits. My advice is don’t use a darker color at all and just go lighter from your natural hair color. If your hair is dyed or bleached lighter than your natural hair color, have your stylist weave in a color that is the same as your natural, leaving out the ends.

2. Don’t just lighten the ends

In order to get a beautiful color that melts into itself and blends, you need a few fine slices of lighter color that go all the way to the scalp. How many slices of color you’ll need depends on the thickness of your hair. If it’s fine, opt for 5-10 slices of color throughout the head. Thick hair could probably do 15-20 slices. Also, the best ombre/ecaille hair colors weave color in the ends versus lightening every single strand on the ends. Doing this will make it easier to maintain the health of your hair as well and I am all about keeping hair healthy!

3. Start out subtle

This is more of a preference for me as a hairdresser. But the reason I say to start out subtle is to maintain the health of your hair, to make sure you like it, and to get the absolute best and most natural results. It’s easy for a hairdresser to achieve the best ombre colors in two or three salon visits versus one. This allows your own natural color to grow in and gradually blend into beautiful light shades on the ends.

I hope this all makes sense. Feel free to ask questions or to have me elaborate on anything. In most cases, your hairdresser should understand what you are wanting.

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