I have been meaning to write this post all month but have been so busy; also several times I sat down to write and my computer kept kicking me out and not saving my work. It was frustrating, especially because I was trying to put my heart and mind in being thankful. I needed to write this post though; so here it is a little late. This post is meant for me to get in the right mindset before the craziness of Christmas arrives but also I hope this inspires someone. I really believe there is so much power and peace in having an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful can bring happiness and blessings into your life.

I want to share a couple experiences in my life when being thankful truly blessed me. In high school, I remember a church leader encouraging me to pray to God only thanking him for things. I did this for a week and could not believe the positivity I felt and how many more blessings I recieved. I just felt like life was going the way I wanted it to. Another time I put forth an extra effort to be thankful was just a few months ago. Flash back to two years ago, my husband and I moved to Wyoming just a little while after we moved a LOT of things happened leaving me stressed, worried, and depressed. Life was hard and I was struggling in so many aspects. This negativity was with me for almost two years when I finally decided I wanted a change. I started offering prayers of gratitude and writing in a journal about things I was grateful for. It was difficult for me at first. It was easy for me to say without thinking, ” I am grateful for _______” but to feel deep and meaningful gratitude was hard. I had to work on it and I imagine that feeling thankful is something I am always going to have to work on. But after just a few days of doing this, I started to feel so much better; happier than I had felt in a long time. In spirit of the month of Thanksgiving, I want to share a few things that I am grateful for; the plan was to write 30 things (one thing for each day in November) but I am a busy lady and I intend to come back and add to the list.

  1. My husband – my husband and I do not have a perfect relationship and sometimes I get frustrated with him but I cannot imagine my life without him. I can’t imagine raising my kids without him and I can’t imagine living my dreams without him. He is not perfect but he means so much to me and my kids. He is a strong, kind man and a wonderful husband and father.
  2. My kids – there have been many times as a mom that I think, “What did I get myself into? I am such a bad, mom. This is so hard and I am not having fun or doing anything important… etc.” I know that all moms go through this. But being a mom has changed me. It has made me a better person. My kids are amazing little people and I am blessed to be able to help them grow and have them teaching me.
  3. Church – well, I could get all spiritual on you here but I mostly feel grateful for church because my kids get to go to Nursery and learn and I get a break. I get to sit in one spot for an hour or more and just rest; rest my body, heart, soul, and spirit. It is truly an amazing feeling.
  4.  My mom – I have always been so close to my mom. I love her. She is an excellent example of charity and service. Now that I am a mom, I understand and appreciate her so much more… Like, I know why she is a little crazy! Ha ha!
  5. My van – Holy cow! I love my car! Vans are totally not cool, I know. But I love my van so much. It just works for me and I love that it is red!
  6. Modern day prophets – I am LDS. One thing that we believe is that we have prophets living today who are inspired by God. These are the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I am grateful for these men because I have a hard time reading the Bible and Book of Mormon; I wish I didn’t but I do. These men’s words help me relate scriptures into my life and have such a profound way of helping me understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. Good food – When I say good food, I mean food that is so delicious whether it is good for my body or not. I love to eat.
  8. Running water – My water stopped running for about 4 hours one morning this month and it was awful. I didn’t realize how often I use running water in my day to day routine.
  9. My health – For the most part, I have been pretty healthy most my life and I am so grateful for that. I mean, I am expecting my third baby, my body is amazing!
  10. Hope – I have been feeling extra hopeful lately. I just feel like things are going to start feeling easier for me and I am going to live a good life. Maybe things aren’t going to get easier and maybe I have a lot of struggles to overcome but this feeling of hope is so good and I want it to stick around.
  11. My home – so right now my husband and I live in a small two bedroom apartment with our two kids. Sometimes, I don’t know how we manage but we do and I love our little home. It makes us closer and it makes live with less. I love how cozy it feels.
  12. My bed – I think I might be getting old because I am starting to hate sleeping any where other than my bed. I am kind of a snob about it. I love my bed so much. It is amazing. It is a memory foam Brigada and it seriously saved me when I was pregnant with my son!
  13. Cell phones – Specifically my husband’s cell phone, he lost his phone in the snow when we were out playing with the kids and we couldn’t find it for two days! When we found it we put it in rice for 24 hours and it worked great! I am so thankful we did not have to buy him a new one! Cell phones are pretty amazing these days, it is no wonder we are all so attached to them!
  14. Jewelry – A few months ago I found a girl from Australia who hand makes the most beautiful jewelry. She recently was looking for people to represent and promote her business and I totally jumped on board. She sent me some pieces and they are so beautiful and well made. I love it and I am so grateful to work with her. Check out her stuff: RUBENABIRD


Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you!

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