How to Find a Great Hairdresser and Colorist


Finding a hairstylist can be a tricky and daunting task especially if you have moved to a new place or have had some bad hair experiences in the past. Here are some helpful hints to help you find the perfect stylist for you.

  • Ask Around – It may take you out of your comfort zone but don’t be afraid to ask where people get their hair done. When you see someone who has nice hair ask them what salon they go to and who their stylist is. Finding out the stylist is most important because not all stylists in a salon do the same kind of work. Make sure you tell the stylist who recommended him or her, there may be a referral program in which you or your friend will get rewarded.
  • Understand your hair type, lifestyle, and what you want – This sort of goes along with the first tip. When looking for people with nice hair also keep your eyes open for people who have hair similar to yours. Curly hair is different to work with than straight hair; thin and fine is different than thick and full. A lot of hairdressers are really good at one hair type and not other types. So if you have fine hair and you see someone with thick beautiful layers, their hairdresser may not be the one for you. Keep in mind your hair type when looking for a stylist to work with. Also remember to have realistic expectations for what you want; considering your lifestyle which includes your hair beauty regimen each day and how often you can make it back in to the salon. Remembering all these things will help ensure you find a stylist that knows how to work with you and your hair and can keep you happy for weeks or even years to come.
  • Get a Consultation –  Consultations are so so so important. A good hairdresser will not skip over a consultation. A consultation allows you and your hairdresser to get on the same page. You can discuss your concerns with your hair, your likes, and dislikes as well as the stylist’s training and background. You will also be able to get a feel of the stylist’s personality. A lot of times, you can consult with a hairdresser before you commit to going to them.  To ensure that you have a great consultation with your hairstylist, be on time for your appointment; have an idea of what you want; and if you worry about being able to express what you want, bring a photo. As a hairdresser myself, I love when clients bring photos!
  • Instagram – Instagram is an excellent tool for finding good hairdressers. Smart current stylists will be posting their work on Instagram and you can search hashtags to find one in your area. If you can, use Instagram to find your next stylist.
  • When all else fails – If you need to find a hairdresser ‘like yesterday’ just call a local salon, tell them about your hair and what you want and they can usually recommend a stylist that will fit your needs and they are happy to do so.

Once you’ve found a salon or stylist, start out subtle; staying away from dramatic cuts or dye jobs at first. Test them out with a deep conditioner, blow dry style, or trim and go from there. Also, try to avoid making your appointment before a big event or when you are stressed out, you don’t need one more thing to worry about. I hope this helps! If you would like further guidance with your hair and finding a stylist you can WORK WITH ME. Let me know if this helps or if there is any questions you have! I’d love to hear from you lovely people!

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