The right eye makeup for your eye color


Even though, it is hard to have one fast rule for any eye make-up application due to differences in eye shapes and colors, I have found a little trick to choosing eye shadow colors that works. There are usually 2-3 shades that will complement your eye color and there are a 3 different ways to determine what colors suit you best.

1. Every eye has small unusual flecks of color in the iris. Instead of trying to match your eye shadow to the color of your eye, try to match it to the small flecks of color in the irises. So get real close in the mirror and see what colors you can find besides the first initial color.

2. Study the color wheel. You can use this color wheel to help you immensely! Find your eye color on the color wheel then go directly across from that shade and that will be an eye shadow color that will complement your eyes. For example, my eyes are green so if I go across from the color wheel I get red. Well, of course I am not going to walk around with red eye shadow all the time so I choose a variation of red like coral, pink, or a warm violet color (I have a beautiful deep red plum color from MARY KAY I use to do a smoky eye and it looks amazing!!!)

3. This tips combines both of the first rules. Find the small flecks of color in your eyes and find that color on the color wheel. Go directly across from that shade and that is a color that should make your peepers pop!

color wheel 2

A Few Notes on Each Eye Color

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes will often have flecks of turquoise, lavender, and cool green. Eye shadows in these colors will make the iris pop. Medium and pale blue shades can diminish beautiful blue eyes.

Green or Hazel Eyes

Green and hazel eyes can have flecks of pale gray, dark brown, gold, or turquoise. Olive green to light green eye shadows can detract from green eyes. My eyes are green and I have a little bit of gold and turquoise in my eyes so I found a beautiful gold eye shadow that I love from Mary Kay. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color – Amber Blaze. I also love L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush.

Brown Eyes

Brown irises have the most variety of colored flecks. Brown eyes can have traces of red, warm gold, green, and violet. Brown eyes look great with almost any eye shadow

If you are happy with a color of eye shadow you wear, and it doesn’t really follow the 3 guidelines I gave, it doesn’t always mean that it doesn’t look good on you. Sometimes the rules need to be thrown out the window. Tell me if this post helped you and what eye shadows have worked for you. I love to hear from you people!

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