Look Richer than You Are


These are five easy classic pieces that can give your wardrobe more mileage and help you feel a little richer. Investing in these pieces will be money well spent.

Classic Fitted Blazer

A nice blazer is an easy way to tie any outfit together and can have an instant slimming effect. Choose a neutral color so that it can go with many outfits. Also, make sure it cinches well at the waist to show off your figure and has well-defined lapels.

Dark Denim Jeans That Fit Well and Make Your Butt Look Amazing

Dark jeans are dressier and more slimming than lighter jeans. Invest in a good pair of dark jeans that fit well.

Faux Diamond Studs

Diamonds can add sparkle to any ensemble and you don’t have to break the bank for the real thing for them to look good. Just be sure and don’t get them too big, it will give it away that your bling-bling is fake.The earrings should be no bigger than the size of a pencil eraser.

Stylish Bag

A great purse is an easy way to way to pull an outfit together. You can opt for a classic neutral one or a bright flashy one. The perfect bag will have some structure to it so it doesn’t look sloppy and big enough to fit your life.

Black Dress Shoes (heels)

Black heels are sexy and classic. They are also professional looking and an easy way to dress up any attire. Just be sure to not go higher than a 3″ heel, anything higher can start to look cheap and you want to be able to wear these with a nice skirt or jeans depending on the occasion; you want them to be somewhat comfortable and versatile.

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