Last of Summer + Bra Size


last of summer bracelet

last of summer

last week of summer


Vintage White Tunic $4 – NU 2 U

Pineapple leggings $3 – NU 2 U

New Oxford flats $3 – Goodwill

Since this is officially the last week of Summer, I thought I would celebrate with one last summer look. I really love how this outfit came together and the way these photos turned out so I was excited to post this a few weeks ago when I was planning it but honestly it is getting colder here and I am excited for Fall and I know everyone else is too! I found these shoes with the original tags still on them. They were originally from Target! So I may not have a Target where I live but I can enjoy Target finds occasionally at Goodwill. I love these bright teal flats so much that I bought another pair in another color. Like I said, I love this outfit but I might be putting the leggings away until next summer, unless I feel like being ridiculous and showing the Wyoming weather that I don’t care what it does! This striped tunic is probably going to be a best friend of mine since it is so comfortable without being too casual. It should be fairly easy to transition this piece into the cooler months too by pairing it with skinny jeans or fleece leggings, a scarf, and boots.

I titled this blog post with the words “bra size” in it because I wanted to talk a little bit about shopping for bras and the importance of getting the right bra size. (Also, this cute little bracelet I am wearing I got for free with my purchase of two bras at Victoria’s Secret.) I felt like I needed to get fitted for a new bra size so I went and saw the girls at VS. The last time I got fitted for a bra was before I had kids so I figured it was long past due to have a professional fit me. She measured me, asked me lots of questions, and had me try on a few different kinds of bras to get a feel for what I liked best. I ended up going home with the Dream Angels Demi bra and the girl measuring me said that in this bra a lot of women need to go up a size so my size in this bra was a 34 DDD!!! I was thinking, “Ah! There is no way I am a DDD!” But putting the bra on, I don’t feel like some sleazy porn star with a giant rack, I feel like myself, a beautiful feminine version of myself. That is why I feel it is so important to get a good bra that fits and more importantly to not worry about the size. I feel like I could say so much more about bras and fitting; I am also not brave enough to show before and after pictures of my bra situation but I am not sure there would be much of a difference for you to see. It’s more about how I feel in a good bra and really isn’t that what matters most? Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about my bra sizing and fitting please feel free to ask. I would love to hear from you!

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