6 Myths of Color Treated Hair


Color is one of my specialties and it drives me nuts when I have clients who refuse to color their hair for silly misconceptions they have. Hair color can make a big difference in someone’s appearance and in this day in age we have access to so many tools, products, and knowledge that it is easy for us to look our very best. Hairdressers and hair coloring are one of those ‘tools’ that everyone should take advantage of. Hair color is a good thing! So let’s throw out those old wive’s tales about color treated hair and get down to the facts:

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1. Color damages hair, making it unhealthy and unmanageable.

Uh, no! I have been coloring my hair for a long, long while and my hair always feels softer and looks shinier right after I color it than any other time. Hair color used to contain quite a bit of ammonia which was damaging to the hair but now hair companies have learned how to formulate hair dyes so that their is very little, if no ammonia at all. Hair colors now contain oils and conditioners in them that make the hair stronger and fuller. There have been times in my life where I have gone months and months without coloring my hair and find that it gets flat, dull, and unmanageable then I decide to color my hair just so I can have some volume and life to it again.

Two small notes: Bleach is not the same as color and is used to wipe out color in the hair; it can be very damaging if not used correctly. And developer is the stuff that you mix with color and bleach to make it work; this also can be damaging if not used correctly.

2. It’s not safe to dye your hair while pregnant.

I am not sure if people still believe this one but the reason why people used to think it was not ok was because of the fumes of the ammonia. Since the ammonia fumes are so faint if non existent this is no longer a concern. Some people think that the chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp and can enter your blood stream and affect the baby. This is not true. It is safe to bleach or color your hair while pregnant without causing any harm or risk to you or your baby.

3. If I dye my hair I am going to have to ‘keep it up’ and dye it every few weeks.

There are so many hair coloring techniques now to achieve a natural and subtle look that the need for regular salon visits is not necessary. If having to make hair appointments every few weeks is a concern of yours, express this with your stylist and he or she will be able to give you a beautiful subtle color that won’t need regular touch ups. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that might be helpful for you: 3 THINGS TO TELL YOUR HAIRDRESSER FOR PRETTY ECAILLE HAIR COLOR.

4. If I dye my hair too much it will fall out.

No, this is not true. You can color your hair over and over again and it will not fall out. On the other hand, if someone is bleaching your hair over and over again (this would be an incorrect way to use bleach like I talked about earlier) your hair might fall out. Bleach is not the same thing as color but bleach can be a wonderful thing when used correctly. One thing I might mention too is a new product called Olaplex that is pretty much taking the damage out of bleaching. I am still experimenting with this stuff but I must say, I am loving it and a lot of other hairdressers would back me up when I say this stuff is amazing!

5. If I have a dark brown/black dye on my hair I can just make it lighter by putting a lighter hair dye on it / Color will lift color.

If you have a dark hair dye on your hair, whether you dyed it last week or 4 years ago, you can not make it lighter with another color. You have to use bleach to eat away the darker color. I usually discourage people dying their hair more than 4 shades darker than their natural color because it can be so hard going lighter. This is such an easy and obvious fact but I did not find this out until I went to hair school and even when I was in hair school there were girls that had a hard time wrapping their heads around it. If you have dyed your hair you have to use bleach to go lighter.

6. ‘Box’ hair color or hair dye from the drug store is the devil.

I am sure most hairdressers will disagree with me on this but the truth is box hair dyes are not the worst thing you can do to your hair. These drug store hair colors have been around a long time and they are still producing and improving on them so they can’t be all that bad, right? I have worked with clients who have colored their hair at home and have done a decent job. On the other hand, I have seen some horrendous at home hair jobs so I would much rather prefer my clients come to me for their color because I can evenly apply it and I know exactly what formula I am putting on the hair (with box color you are stuck with the formula in the box even if it’s not the best thing for your hair). If you can, go to a salon to get your hair dyed. If you can’t, stick to one brand and one color of drug store dye and don’t experiment. Use them with caution because you can really mess up your hair and end up having to pay even more money to fix it then you would have if you just went to a hairdresser in the first place. Leave the experimenting up to your stylist who has the proper tools and knowledge to try new things on you.

So there you have it, now you have nothing to be afraid of so get in to a salon and get a fresh new look! I promise you color newbies will love the way a little color can make you look and feel!

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