Pearl Robbin


It is nearly a year since Pearl was born and I have been meaning to write this post for a long time. But there was really no urgency and I honestly have not had time to write about how our sweet little Pearl entered the world until today. Her delivery was so perfect. It was a spa like experience and my husband and I were really able to enjoy and focus on the excitement of our new little baby. So here is Pearl’s short and condensed version of how she came into the world:

I decided to be induced because since this was my third time around I knew my body knew what it was doing and it wasn’t just me and her that I had to worry about. I needed to plan things (mainly who was going to watch my other two kids). I am so glad I was induced! Being induced is so nice if your body is close or ready for labor. I was ready and our little girl was ready. So on March 24th at 4:45 in the morning a babysitter came over to watch Florabelle and Gus. Skyler and I drove to the hospital. We arrived at 5 and I got started on pitocin. At about 7:00, the doctor broke my water, I was dialated to about a 5 then. Around 8:00 I was doing really well but thought I don’t want to be too uncomfortable so I am going to ask for the epidural. I was able to get the epidural before I felt anything. I was so relaxed and I was able to get a little nap in! This is so crazy to me because of how my other labors were! (My other two labors I was dialated to an 8 before I got an epidural and my other babies were BIG, it was the most pain I have ever felt and I wanted to die!) Then I woke up from my nap with pressure! It was time to push! The doctor showed up and one and a half pushes later our baby girl was born. Pearl Robbin was born weighing 6 lbs and 14 oz. She was perfect. The nurses and doctors said she was one of the most healthy babies they had ever seen, impressed with her strength and how she passed all the newborn screenings and tests with flying colors.

Since Pearl entered the world so much has happened. I feel I adjusted fairly well to another little one in my life and so has the rest of the family. Since so much has happened the last few months I decided to give you a little bullet list of some big moments this last year:

  • Hairstyling work featured in Rocky Mountain Bride Wyoming Magazine 2016
  • Selected “2016 Most Stylish in Wyoming” by StyleBlazer
  • Partnered with Old Navy for their #50States50States social media campaign
  • Went on our first family camping trip in attempt to detox our bodies of sugar
  • Traveled to Devil’s Tower National Monument
  • Florabelle started Preschool
  • Got a new LDS temple in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Skyler started his last year of law school (Yay!!!)

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