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Spring Favorites


Every time the seasons change, I get an itch to change something in my life; to try new trends, organize my home differently, change my hair color, etcetera. This Spring is no different!  Here are some things that have me ready for Spring.

1. Gingham print

I know florals are really in now and in Spring, especially, florals seem like an obvious pattern of choice but I am so in love with anything gingham this season. I just purchased a pink gingham print shirt for Florabelle and it is so darling. Gingham is so retro chic and just speaks warm weather to me. I also think of picnics whenever I see gingham, anyone else? Gingham makes me excited for the warmer weather, being outside, and enjoying good BBQ!

2. Yellow

Yellow is definitely my go to color this Spring; not a pastel yellow or mustard yellow but true yellow. I also love rain boots!  Since I live in a place that has been known to have snow storms in late Spring (like last year’s snow storm on Mother’s Day in which there was 1 foot of snow!) I thought I would provide a Spring trend that caters to colder weather. What better way to show your excitement for Spring, when it’s cold, than a bright colored boot!

3. Bright matte lipstick

So last Fall my mother in law gave me a beautiful red lipstick from Lancome. Before then, I was not super interested in the bold lip trend because I was a practical mom type but this lipstick was so beautiful and I wanted to try more colors. I researched to see what everyone was using and loving and NYX cosmetics was at the top of the list. So on my last trip to the big city I went to Ulta and purchased a few shades of matte lipstick and I am in love!!!!! These colors are so beautiful and fun! My favorite one for Spring is definitely SHOCKING PINK BY NYX, it’s such a beautiful bright pink!

4. Rose earrings

I had an obsession with rose earrings about 5 years ago and I had the hardest time finding them. Now they are pretty much everywhere and I just found a big huge pair at the thrift store that I am loving. I want to wear them everyday!

5. Loafers

Is anyone else loving the loafer trend as much as I am? I currently only own one pair of casual style loafers but I wear them like every day! I love that they are making super snazzy loafers that are more dressed up and then really casual ones for mamas on the go like me. Spring is a perfect time to wear them too because it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot… “and all you need is a light jacket…” Did you see where I was going with that? When I just said “it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot” out loud I thought of Miss Rhode Island from the movie Miss Congeniality, right? So funny!

6. Lighter Healthy Hair obtained with Olaplex

It’s finally safe to bleach your hair thanks to this beautiful product, Olaplex. I am a huge advocate for healthy hair and I always have been. The health of my client’s hair has always been my first priority and now I can lighten their hair while still protecting the integrity of it. Olaplex is a three step solution to damaged color treated hair. Solution No. 1 mixes with the bleach or color making it less damaging. Solution No. 2 is used immediately after coloring or bleaching hair in the salon and Solution No. 3 is a take home deep conditioner that is used once a week between salon visits. This Spring, I am all about the blondes and because of Olaplex, I decided to lighten my hair and go bronde (a shade between blonde and brown)!  Just remember, not all salons use Olaplex and trust your stylist’s judgment when changing hair colors.

What are you loving this spring?


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