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When I decided to start a beauty and style blog a couple years ago I had no idea that lots of other people were already doing it and doing it very very well. I kind of got stuck in the researching phase of my blog venture because I was dazzled by these gorgeous women who seemed to have it all together. These ladies became celebrities to me. Seriously, if I saw any of these ladies on the street I would be as excited as if I had seen Tina Fey. I love what these bloggers and business ladies do. They inspire me and they make me want to look and dress better, invest more in my business, and even be a better wife and mom. I would love to say more about each blogger and/or business lady but you really just need to check out their work. So here are ten women who I look up to and have had a big influence in my blog.

10 bloggers to follow for style and beauty inspiration


Cara Loren

Cara Loren was one of the first bloggers I ran into and my mouth sort of hit the floor with how beautiful she was and how stunning her wardrobe was. I am still in love with Cara Loren and feel I can relate to her so much. She used to dance like me. She is LDS and she has two adorable little kids about the same age as mine. I wish I was friends with her!

Amber Fillerup Clark from Barefoot Blonde

I want to hide in this girl’s suitcase because she travels everywhere! She has some of the most beautiful photography, too. With all the traveling she does I am surprised that she always looks so amazing! I know I would be looking very tired! She has a very extravagant and luxurious look to her and her little boy is probably one of the cutest kids ever (after my own of course!). She is having a little girl in November and that little girl is going to be one spoiled and beautiful princess I am sure! I can’t wait to see Amber’s little family a year from now.

Robyn Vilate

Robyn has the most beautiful hair! Is that bad that her hair is one of the the things I love about her? She is a brunette with beautiful super long hair and she doesn’t use extensions which is something I admire a lot. There is something refreshing about fashion and beauty bloggers being a little more natural, am I right? She is from a small town and has a beautiful little family. She is also LDS and the longer I am following her the more I like her.


Beck from Whippy Cake

Becki (but I consider us friends who haven’t met yet so I am going to call her Whippy!) is also a hairdresser who has a super cute style. She has a segment on her blog called pixie parade and it makes me want to get a pixie myself! Whippy is so well rounded it blows my mind. Not only is she a stylist, she is also a photo stylist, professional speaker, mentor, wife, and mother of 4! Out of all the people on my inspiration list, I wish this girl would take me under her wing because she is where I would like to see myself in 5 years; not doing what she is doing but having a reputation like hers and an image similar to hers.

Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society

One of the things I love about Hilary is her beautiful and witty jargon; Hilary sounds like she came out of the 1940’s or something and I love it! She is also a former musical theatre performer and Radio City Rockette which totally would have been my world in another life. I really love following Hilary and I just took a free class from her on how to grow your Instagram. Hilary is a brilliant stylist and business coach!


Keiko Lynn

Keiko is a beautiful brunette gal with an artistic soul. She has a quirky style and she continuously uses thrifted pieces in her wardrobe. She also has some of the cutest sunglasses and regular glasses I have ever seen. I love following her on Instagram.

Lynsie from Similar Styles

Lynsie is a stylist who I have come to love so much. Her account on Instagram is one of my favorites to follow. She finds pictures of high end outfits and recreates them with thrifted items and less expensive pieces. Lynsie shows that you don’t have to have a lot of money to look awesome and she does this very well. She is beautiful and resourceful.


Larisa Love

I first found Larissa on Instagram and just a few months ago she started a blog. Her Instagram account is amazing though! She posts several cut and colors a day and I would probably wear any hair do she has ever done. Her work is beautiful and I always have to stop and stare at her pics on Instagram. If I could take a hair coloring class from anyone it would be this chick. Not only is her work out of this world but she is a gorgeous girl with a cool edgy style. She also sales these really cool hair screws that you can purchase HERE.

Jenny Strebe from Confessions of a Hairstylist

Jenny is a braid and up-do master. She is already pretty much a celebrity; she has been featured in some of the top hair magazines and is considered one of the top hair bloggers today.  I love her style and would love to work with her. She teaches a class with another hairdresser called Braids and Balayage that I wish so badly I could take, they probably aren’t coming to Laramie, though… Ha ha! I might just have to fly down to take the class!


Cara from Maskcara

Is it bad that I only have one makeup blogger that I really look up to? The reason why I love Cara is because of her genuine skill as a makeup artist. I feel like so many makeup artists try to cover up people and make them look fake. Cara takes ordinary women and makes them look like the best version of themselves; they still look like people but very beautiful people. I love that her makeup style is a more natural approach and look. In her bio she says, “I believe people are twice as beautiful as they give themselves credit for… … I am on a journey to change that.” Even though I don’t personally know her, I believe she means that.

These are my top ten favorite bloggers. Check out their websites and let me know what you think! If you are one of these lovely ladies I mentioned, just know that I think you are beautiful and amazing and you inspire me! Thank you for reading!

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    This was awesome!! My favorite fashion blogger is probably Brighton Keller because she is a Christian who shares her Bible Studies along with her cute clothes! 🙂

  • Reply Jennifer 08/15/2015 at 9:05 am

    Love the links, but I really, really want to know where the boots are from, haha!

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