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So as you may know, I moved to Wyoming about two years ago and one of the first things I noticed about good ol’ Wyoming is how hard the water is. After a few days of being here, my hair was heavy, greasy, and flat but the ends were dry and brittle. It was a mess and I was feeling pretty sad. I had tried several different shampoos that I owned and none of them seemed to do the trick. I tried shampooing my hair twice and that seemed to work the best but it still wasn’t that great and I was going through it fast. Finally, I made a trip to the beauty supply store and found this little gem, Hard Water Wellness by Malibu C. I was very hopeful trying it out because it is a shampoo and conditioner made for hard water. I can honestly say I was and still am so happy with the results (almost two years later).

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner are free from sulfates, parabens, gluten, and sodium chloride (salt). The shampoo naturally and gently cleanses away hard water minerals and product build up in the hair. It can be used every day or once a week as a gentle clarifying shampoo with softened water. I have found that using it everyday works great for me with all this hard water. And it smells so good, like an Orange Julius! (which my husband loves!)

The conditioner is also amazing! It protects hair from incoming hard water minerals and product build up. It leaves my hair super soft and moisturized without it getting heavy or greasy. The conditioner contains organic aloe for a healthy scalp as well as flax and rice proteins for enhanced body and natural oil and moisture retention. Both of these products are also 100% vegan; derived from coconut and no animal derivatives. I couldn’t be more happy with this shampoo/conditioner duo and relieved that I can still have healthy, beautiful hair for the next few years while my husband finishes law school!

Also, one thing I think worth mentioning is when I first discovered Malibu C products I went to their website and wrote a little comment for them so they sent me a whole bunch of samples and a personal note in the mail! I was so impressed! They are definitely a great company that cares about their customers. I will continue to buy products from them and support them for many years to come and maybe someday I can collaborate with Malibu C!


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