The Perfect Eyebrows: Dying


Tinting my brows is something that I have done since I was in high school. It’s really easy and it can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. In this tutorial, I will show you how to tint your brows so that it looks natural, beautiful, and is low maintenance.  I think every hairdresser should know how to color eyebrows because it is so easy and it can really pull a beautiful color together. Coloring eyebrows is great for people who have light eyebrows or are going to a beautiful burgundy or a flashy red which is not their natural hair color. It also works for people who want lighter eyebrows (even though I can’t imagine why because dark brows are the best!) Just be sure to not use bleach! (Bleach or lightener can be harsh on the skin and it doesn’t always lift evenly on eyebrows) With that being said, this is how to color brows:

All you have to do is take the color you are using on the head and apply it on the eyebrows with a pick, q-tip, or other small tool. (I use the tip of my color brush) Let it sit for three to five minutes or until you see it changing colors. I would not recommend leaving it on for more than five minutes. The longer you leave the color on the darker and more intense it gets and you want the color on your brows to look natural and toned down. Also, leaving the color on for a short period of time allows the color to fade as the eyebrows grow out. (Yes, eyebrows “grow out”) You don’t have to worry too much about getting dye on the skin, in most cases, it will come right off. (Just don’t get it in your eyes and don’t try to dye your eyelashes for heaven’s sake!) Once you have reached the desired shade get a hot wet towel or paper towel and wipe it off.  Then you are done; Beautiful low maintenance eyebrows that blend with your hair! I hope you enjoy the video!


dying brows

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