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Hello lovelies! Despite what this outfit may lead you to believe, it is super cold here and I am so over it. This last Tuesday it was snowing! Ahhh! May 19 and it was snowing! I just keep telling myself what a strong character I am building for living in this place! I am going to have some great stories later I am sure! I just want to take my kids out and enjoy some sun but I guess we will get to it eventually. Honestly, the weather is really the only thing I have to complain about. Things are going really well for me and my family right now. My baby boy, Augustus, is finally finally finally sleeping through the night. He has been so difficult and I could go on and on about him and the struggle my husband and I have had with him. At last, we decided to bite the bullet and try the ‘cry it out’ method which I do not think is the answer for every baby but we were past our wit’s end and a lot of tears had been shed with him and over him. The first night was bad and I felt sorry for him. The second night he woke up a couple times. The third night and every night since then he slept all the way through the night!!! Sleep is pretty important to me so I am so freakin’ excited and I feel like a new woman.

The second thing that I am excited about is Spring cleaning! My husband and I were determined that we needed to move in to a bigger place. There are four of us living in a two bedroom apartment and things are getting cramped. Well, as we started looking, we couldn’t really find any place we wanted to live. Housing here is harder to come by than you’d think so we just decided to stick it out. I am actually excited to try and make this small space work. I love the idea of the small space or tiny house movement. I have a friend who knows a ton about all of that at COMET CAMPER. I also love the idea of minimalism. I just read this cute little nonfiction book by Sarah Lazarovic called A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy about not buying every little thing we can imagine. I really enjoyed it. She has a beautiful website HERE. So here’s to minimalism and cozy, quaint spaces!

The last thing that I am super excited for is my opportunity at a new salon! I am now a stylist at Tonic Salon and I am thrilled for my chance to grow as a stylist there. For the last year I have been a traveling stylist doing hair in people’s homes. I felt unprofessional and undervalued doing this so I decided to make a change. I am only working a few hours a week and I feel I will be able to get the best of being at home with my kids and working.

During the last few months as I was thinking about all these changes I wanted to make. I felt nervous and uneasy. Change is hard and I didn’t want to change things and have them not work out. Now that the ball is rolling, I feel optimistic that I am headed in the right direction.

So… Back to what I am wearing, I wanted to wear bright, cheerful colors! To me, bright colors signify cheerfulness and optimism. With all these new changes in my life, mostly internal attitudes and decisions, I wanted to express them in my wardrobe. I am a lady who loves a strong powerful black wardrobe but I think people who know me agree that bright colors suit me. This shade of lipstick was one of my SPRING FAVORITES. It’s matte Shocking Pink by NYX and it is beautiful!

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