Three Thrifty Finds


thriftfind3 thriftfind1 thriftfind2thriftfind

White bangle $2 – local thrift store NU 2 U

Vintage pearly pink earrings $2 – NU 2 U

Pink tights by Merona $1 – still in original packaging at Goodwill

First off, Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby! He turns 29 today! I can’t believe he is 29; it seems so old! I thought we would have our lives figured out by this time but what would be the point if we didn’t have struggles, right?! Anyways, about today’s post, the thing that I love the most about shopping in thrift stores is that you can almost guarantee yourself that no one else is going to have what you have. I love being original and individual. Goodwill is like my new best friend and my daughter Florabelle loves to go there too. I am sorry the only pic I have with the sunglasses is the last one because… well… because they are sort of funny looking. My dear husband got them for me thinking these are funky and my wife likes to dress funky, she will love these. He really was on the right track and he normally picks out great stuff for me. But these sunglasses are ridiculous and I don’t really wear them but I thought they might look cool in a photo shoot. They didn’t! Except for this last picture, I loved the way they looked in the last picture! The lipstick I am wearing is NYC Expert Last in Blue Rose. It was only $2 and it goes on beautifully! It looked purple in the tube but on my skin it was pretty pink; it ended up matching my tights so nicely, don’t you think?


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