Tips for Applying Blush (how I use my blush)


Years ago blush was called rouge. Rouge is a french word that means red. I kind of wish people still called it rouge; it sounds so much more sophisticated and posh, nonetheless blush is probably my favorite make-up item. I feel naked if I am not wearing enough of it. It can give you that extra lift you need and help you look more awake and happy. Here are some helpful hints to help you blend your blush and get that fresh happy look.

  • If you can, always try on blush before you buy it- Shades look different on your skin then they do in the bottle and/or compact.
  • Use two shades of blush to help blend- the darker one for contouring and the lighter one for highlighting. The lighter one goes on the apple of the cheek which is about two fingers width below the eye. The darker one goes just underneath that to contour the cheek bones. Use them together to blend into your skin. (I use a bronzer or as my ‘darker blush)
  • Always, always blend thoroughly- Blush should fade gradually into your hairline. Applying blush lightly at first then going back when all your makeup is complete and applying more can help you avoid using too much or too little. If you do apply too much take your make-up brush, sponge, or clean fingers and blend away the excess. (I like to use my fingers to remove or blend in the excess)
  • For a natural look, use blush everywhere the sun hits your face- When applying blush or bronzer, don’t just use it on your cheeks, use it everywhere the sun would hit your face if you had been playing outside all day. Once you have applied blush or bronzer to the cheeks, lightly use it on the top of the nose, directly above the eyebrows, and across the top of the forehead, and anywhere else the sun would naturally hit your face.
  • Don’t apply blush too close to your nose or eyes- Getting blush in too close to your nose can make your features seem crowded and applying blush too close to your eyes in the temple area can make your eyes seem red, swollen, or puffy.

I hope to come back and post videos on all of my makeup tips but I am trying to get over myself and how much I hate how I sound in videos. Does anyone else feel silly talking to themselves in videos? Ugh, someday, I will have videos for you lovelies to watch. Thank you for reading!

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